After spending 37 years in the Himalayas doing deep Tapasya ( meditation) Swami Keshavaanand had a vision of The Supreme Goddess (Ma Bhagwati) after which he moved  to an island near Haridwar to further meditate .

The island on one side has the Chandi Mountain and the river Neeldhaara and on the other side  has the Bhagirathi river and the Mansa Devi Temple.

At that time the Island was a thick forest and was full of snakes and scorpions. Swami Keshavanand ji had only one Kamandal (water jug used by Saadhus) and a Chimta (tong).

This was in 1903 when there was British rule  in India and the British Governor used to visit a Dak Bungalow from where he used to often come to do Swamijee's Darshan. The Governor would often find Swamijee's in deep meditation and sometimes he would sit and have long conversations with Swamijee. The governor was very impressed with Swamijee's knowledge and fluent English. One day the Governor asked Swamijee how he could do any Sewa (service) for him. It was  then that Swamijee asked him to make some arrangement where he could build a small hut and do his daily prayers and sing devotional songs without any problems or disturbance. Since then the land was and is leased to Swamijee and the Katyayani Trust that he set up .

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