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Katyayani Peeth
Centenary Celebrations


Dear Devotees, Katyayani Devi Bhakts, and philanthropists, 

Katyayani  Shakti Peeth  Mandir; among the 51 revered Shakti Peeths in the Hindu religion, situated  in Radhabagh  Vrindavan,  celebrates its 100th  (Centenary) year in 2023. Our revered Guru, Shri 1008  Swami Keshavanandji located and established  the Katyayani  Peeth  in Vrindavan  after traversing an intense  spiritual journey.  He also  established  Ashrams in Bhuvaneshwar, Vindhyachal  and Haridwar. A group of temples have also been established  in each of the venues,  especially  in Vrindavan.  The management  of the group  of temples is undertaken  by Trustees  of the Ashram. The Ashrams conduct  Seva of the Goddess  and deities, celebrates  important  festivals and  religious events; trains youth in the study of the scriptures, does seva of Brahmins and Kumari Pujan,  conducts Yagyas  and significant pujas  etc .

On the Centenary  year, the Trustees have proposed  a slew of programmes  to commemorate  the iconic occasion. They are, beautification and betterment  of the temples, beginning  a primary  school  for disadvantaged children, opening a dispensary,  wellness  and medical outreach, launch of stuties  and songs devoted  to the deity,  prabhat pheries  through the city and district, Devi Paath, lectures and symposia  devoted  to spiritual  texts , spiritual / classical music  performances etc. Details to follow.

It is requested  that devotees and bhakts attend the ceremonies commencing on 16th. February  2022 & contribute in full measure  for financing the activities  outlined  above so that the efforts  would lead to the realization of the humanitarian  and spiritual  advance  of the devotees  and Katyayani  Peeth.

In the service of Ma Katyayani and our Gurus,   

Trustees  of Katyayani  Peeth.

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