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After obtaining the land Swamiji himself swam in the river and collected the stones in a boat to build some caves and a concrete square/plinth /platform (chabutra). This platform is 30x40 feet and is 6 feet high was made to build a Samadhi for his Guruji (Swami Lahiri Mahasaya)

and a temple for Sri Shyameshwar Mahadev. After some time he built an Ashram which became famous as the Keshavanand Ashram. Below the chabutra a small cave was built where yogis and disciples could do their prayers and meditation.

The land of the Ashram has a panchvati garden in which there are 5 trees considered very special. These are Rudraksha, Amla, Ashok, Mango and Jaamun amongst others. The trees spread a very fine fragrance.


The Ashram which is on the banks of the river Ganga has the Mansa Devi temple on one side and the Chandi Devi temple on the other, is a very sacred and revered place. 

Everyday Puja and Aarti are performed at the Ashram and special pujas are also performed like Chandipaath on Ganga Dusshera, Rudrabhishekh on Maha Shivratri and Sewa of Dandiswami’s.

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