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Donations, Seva and Poojas

Offerings and donations are the mainstay of the income of the Trust. The donations offered by the devotees are utilized for the creation of infrastructural facilities for the visiting pilgrims as well as for general upkeep and maintenance of the temples and the ashram.

In addition to the central pool of donations we are now offering specific donation and poojan schemes in which devotees can participate directly. These have been formulated based on suggestions received from pilgrims and devotees from time to time. These poojans are not limited to the ones listed below. If a devotess wishes to perform any other pooja, please send us a mail.


Seva/ Pooja                               Costs (Rs.)



Vastra Seva                     One time                             7100

Prasad/Bhog Seva            One month                         11000

Phul/Mala Seva                One month                         11000

Puja Samagri Seva           One month                           5100

Akhand Deep Seva           One month                           5100

Gau shala seva                One cow/One month            11000

Durga Saptashati Path      Once                                   1100

Durga Saptashati Path       9 days                                7100

Durga Saptashati Path       9 days with Havan              21000

Kanya Pujan                     9 girls  (puja/gifts/bhojan)          5100

If you wish to perform a seva or conduct any of the above poojas at the ashram at Vrindaban, please fill up the form below. On receipt of your donation/ dakshina through a bank transfer or online your pooja will be conducted. 

Request a Pooja /Seva
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