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The Temple



The main Katyayani temple at the Peethsthan at Vrindavan was consecrated on the full moon day of Magh as per Hindu calendar which falls in February, in the year 1923. An Ashtdhatu (8 metals) idol of Katyayani Devi was cast in a single piece (Ma, vahan and Asur) in Calcutta, Kumartoli, by a worker called Premchand and was installed in accordance with Sanatan dharm rites by learned pandits invited for the ceremony from Bengal, Varanasi and other cities.

As per the Sanatan dharm practice the main temple has 5 deities corresponding to the five forms of worship - Sampradaya

(Goddess Katyayani)
(Chandra Shekhar Maharaj, Shiv)
(Sri Laxmi Narain)
(Sri Ganesh)
(Lord Surya)


In addition to these five principal deities, Jagatdhatri Devi is also worshiped.

Swami 108 Vidyanand ji Maharaj,
the present mahant, along with his trained priests
perform daily puja, bhog aarti etc. every day.

New moortis of Sri Ganesh ji and Jagatdhatri devei were installed

on November 30th 2020. The moortis were sculpted at

Vimal Kamal Moorti Bhandar, Jaipur


The temple also has 10 oil paintings of "Maha Avtars" done by a painter in Calcutta - Gopeshwar Prasad. Each painting was done by guidance and visualisation given by Guru Maharaj ji, and not by copying any other painting. 

On a daily basis Durga Shaptsati (Chandi Paath)
is also chanted by the priests.
After the evening aarti, hymns are recited
by the congregation of devotees present.

Shiv Ashtak 
Sanskrit Version | English Translation
Gopal Stotra 
Sanskrit Version | English Translation
Bhawani Ashtak
Sanskrit Version | English Translation
Katyayani Stuti



Other special pujas are also performed as per the Hindu Calendar. The two main Durga Utsavs are celebrated during the two Navratras with the recitation of Shatchandi paath and yagyas.

The temple opens daily at 7 a.m. & closes after Aarti at 12 noon. The temple briefly closes during 11.30 a.m. to 12 noon.

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